The Essential Linens Collection by Anvoy encompasses a wide range of products and includes table linen, bed linen, cushion covers, towels, tea-towels, aprons and fabric sold by the roll. All items are made of 100% pure linen. The exquisite quality of the fabric, excellent design and superb finish combined with reasonable pricing makes our collection the best in its class. In fact, we challenge anybody to show us a range of comparable quality representing better or even similar value.

Our table linen has recently been chosen as the “Best Table Linen” in the “2004 Australian House & Garden Affordable Style Awards.” This is awarded annually for the best product in its class, “chosen for flair, function and, most importantly, value.”

Our collection is predominantly of our own design. All items are available in standard sizes best suited to the requirements of the local market. We are, however, happy to discuss any specific needs, designs, sizes or other requirements which – in most cases – can be accommodated and promptly dealt with by the experienced and quality conscious staff of our supplier who – by the way – has been making linen products since 1829.

Please note also that only eco-friendly processes are used in the manufacturing and finishing of our linen products. This means that amongst others, all chlorine and formaldehyde has been eliminated from production. In keeping with this, we concentrate the supply of our linen in the two colours that are arguably the most basic and elegant for linen – Natural and Ecru. We do, however, also supply products in many other colours and are able to accommodate most requests.


Why Linen?

Thanks to its properties and versatility, linen has been used by mankind since “time immemorial.” The ancient Egyptians were able to produce surprisingly high quality linen fabric despite using relatively primitive, by today’s standards, flax weaving techniques.

Nowadays linen fabric symbolises comfort, elegance and sophistication of taste. The fabric itself and the product made from it fits perfectly with the current trend of a healthy lifestyle. Compared to other natural fabrics, flax fibres have excellent mechanical properties that make linen fabric exceptionally strong and more resistant to friction and stretching than fabrics made of any other natural fibres. It is also very stable which results in shrinkage of less than 3%. In fact, it is often said “linen fabric gets stronger and looks better after every wash.”

The fact that linen fabric does not generate static electricity and does not cause irritations or allergies, combined with its ‘airiness’, makes it exceptionally suitable for use as a product that comes directly into contact with the skin, such as in bed linen and clothing, particularly in hot climates.

Linen fabric also has an exceptional propensity for absorbing moisture and even after absorbing 1/5 of its weight in moisture, does not give the impression of being ‘wet’.

Finally – and most importantly for our environment – being naturally grown, flax is a fully reproducible resource. It is also fully biodegradable – therefore – waste-less!


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