Boleslawiec Ceramics

Anvoy has been proud to introduce to the Australian Market a Collection of Artistic Ceramics from Boleslawiec (Bunzlau), a picturesque town in the Lower Silesia region in Southwestern Poland.
The Boleslawiec area has been well known as a centre of ceramic art for many centuries with the earliest existing records about the pottery from the region dating back to 1380.
The famous Boleslawiec Stoneware has been appreciated on European markets for both its functional as well as aesthetic qualities.
Thanks to the work of outstanding designers and artists, the present manufacturer, Co-operative of Artistic Handicraft “Ceramika Artystyczna”, whilst continuing the best traditions of “Bunzlauer Art”, have greatly enhanced the artistic and functional qualities of the product.



The universally appealing feature of Boleslawiec Stoneware is its influenced by Art Deco attractive design of simple, functional forms, combining tradition with modern creativity. A vast variety of different patterns and decorations makes Boleslawiec Ceramics ideally suited to mix and match to create an individual look.

The comprehensive collection encompasses over 800 different forms and includes various shapes and sizes of kitchenware, cookware and tableware as well as purely decorative items. All pieces are hand decorated with patterns made using the 19th Century stamp printing method, which brings out the shape of the piece emphasising the softness of the lines and simplicity of the form. The wide variety of patterns created by combinations of dots, circles, flower motifs, nets and stars include the famous “eye of the peacock tail” motif. Pieces decorated with this motif have been made in Boleslawiec since the beginning of the 19th Century and are placed amongst the finest examples of European pottery.

Amongst the literally thousands of potential decorations, the current catalogue includes over 200 “Artists Signature Series” patterns which are hand painted by the artist who originally created them and is the only person authorised to paint it. These pieces are individually signed by the artist and are highly prized amongst collectors.

The high quality of clay used in production allows for a high firing temperature of over 1250°C which results in extremely well glazed, dense and durable vitrified stoneware with excellent temperature retention properties. The product is oven, (but not naked flame) microwave and dishwasher safe. The glaze and inks used are ecologically friendly and do not contain cadmium or lead.

The Boleslawiec Stoneware has been awarded many prizes and medals at numerous international shows and exhibitions including the prestigious Quality Summit Platinum Award, New York, July 2000 and the International Gold Star for Quality, Madrid, November, 1996.

90% of the production output is exported to many countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Holland, Denmark, the Middle East, Japan – and since 1998, Australia.

All our stoneware products are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

It must be remembered, however, that they shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat and therefore must not be placed directly onto gas or electric cook-tops. Also, they should never be transferred directly from the freezer/fridge to a hot oven or microwave as this could result in damage, which unfortunately, is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.



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